Calgary Flames go 'full retro' with a return to their classic uniform look

Courtesy of the Calgary Flames

Sometimes the best change is one that brings us back to where everything started.

It's with that concept in mind that we applaud the Calgary Flames, who announced on Monday that they are going "full retro" in returning to their classic sweaters as the primary home and away sets for the 2020-21 season (the primary home sweater from 2019-20 with the black C as the crest will remain in circulation as the third jersey).

It could be argued that the team should have never changed from this classic look, and those who agree with that sentiment surely enjoyed Monday's announcement video:

"Since re-introducing the retro look in alternate jerseys back in 2009, we've heard the feedback from a large portion of our fan base," said Flames director of marketing Ryan Popowich, per the team's website. "They love the original look and really wanted us to return to it. It took a while to get all the pieces in place to make it happen. Adding the retro-inspired Heritage Classic white jersey last season was the final piece of the puzzle, and the time has finally arrived where we can deliver to the fans what they've always wanted -- for us to go full retro."

No word yet on whether the team will do a new recording of the classic "Can't Touch a Flame When it's Red Hot" anthem, but forwards Matthew Tkachuk, Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau starred in a short video to celebrate the news:

The Flames lost to the Dallas Stars in six games in the first round of the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs, and will move forward with Geoff Ward as the head coach for 2020-21, after removing the interim tag from his title in September.