SVP's One Big Thing: Chiefs are Super Bowl champions ... again

SVP's One Big Thing: Mahomes does it again (2:12)

Scott Van Pelt says despite taking a different route to get there, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are champions once again. (2:12)

The details of a dynasty are many -- lots and lots of layers. But the headlines are what we remember. The bold type. In Kansas City, it reads "Back to back." It's now three of five Super Bowl titles.

This one though, while it ends the same, felt different. Because the Kansas City Chiefs were different. They were vulnerable, it wasn't the Arrowhead Invitational. They lost in that stadium on Christmas Day to a team that didn't complete a pass after the first quarter. They were finally going to have to go on the road, after beating the Miami Dolphins on wild-card weekend. They did.

They beat the Buffalo Bills in western New York, then the 1-seeded Ravens in Baltimore and then the San Francisco 49ers in overtime. When we think about the teams who were the storylines of this NFL season -- they were all the teams the Chiefs beat.

The Dolphins were the high-scoring darlings of the early season. Buffalo was the team we all knew was better than its record who always seemed to battle the Chiefs tougher than most and, in fact, beat them at Arrowhead Stadium in the regular season. Then the Chiefs beat the top-seeded Ravens and the MVP on their field -- and they did it with defense.

Defense was the Chiefs' calling card all season long -- but in the end, when the Super Bowl was literally hanging in the balance, it was Patrick Mahomes ... again. An inevitable talent making plays that become legend because of the stage and the stakes. He's every bit of whatever you want to say he is.

The Niners were the other bully on the block all year long -- the NFC 1-seed. Just like the last time they met in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs erased a double-digit deficit, and another parade is on tap in Kansas City. The details of those days tend to get a bit fuzzy with all the celebrating along the parade route. But at this point, there's only one thing that matters: the headlines. The bold type.

The Chiefs are champions of the world again. Their route here was different. The parade route will be the same. It's what they do in February in Kansas City: They have parades.