Ranking quarterbacks in the 2019 NFL playoffs: Scouting reports, what's at stake for all 12

Acho: Brees doesn't have many chances left (1:21)

Emmanuel Acho and Domonique Foxworth say Drew Brees is the NFC playoff quarterback under the most pressure, as his time to win a Super Bowl is dwindling. (1:21)

It's the most important position at the most important time of the year. We're talking quarterbacks in the 2019 NFL playoffs, and we're ranking them from 1-12.

Things look a little different than when we did this last year, with quarterbacks (and teams) rising and falling. And in the 2019 rankings, the positions of two superstar names might surprise you.

This ranking is based only on all 12 quarterbacks' level of play in the 2019 regular season, and how each is playing right now. It is heavily informed by two sets of metrics:

Those metrics, as well as information from ESPN video tracking, helped inform not only these rankings but the strengths and weaknesses identified for each quarterback. We also had help from our NFL Nation reporters, who wrote about what's at stake for all 12 signal-callers. Let's start with the MVP front-runner:

1. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Season at a glance (full stats): Jackson's incredible improvement is the story of the season. The Ravens built their roster and scheme around his strengths -- and the plan worked to perfection. A heavy passing attack is almost always superior to a ground-focused offense, but Baltimore is the exception to that rule thanks in large part to Jackson. The result is a league-best Total QBR of 81.7 and a likely and deserved MVP award.

Strength: Can we say almost everything? Even if we looked only at passes and sacks, Jackson ranks second in QBR. A year ago he showed vulnerability against the blitz and against dime coverage, but he now excels in both categories.