Toilet, appliances stolen from ex-NBA player Charlie Villanueva

Toilet theft is dumbfounding (2:25)

The SportsNation crew attempts to decipher a reason for burglars to steal former NBA player Charlie Villanueva's toilet from his house. (2:25)

DALLAS -- A former NBA player has taken to Twitter to complain that a toilet was among the items stolen from his Dallas home during a burglary.

Charlie Villanueva, a former first-round pick who most recently played with the Dallas Mavericks, posted a photo of the space in his bathroom where his toilet once stood.

In a series of tweets, Villanueva said his home appliances also were taken during the burglary Tuesday.

The former Detroit Pistons player described the episode as "mind blowing," saying he's "in shock."

Villanueva, 33, criticized police for a slow response to his burglary report, saying he called four times about the purloined toilet.

Another Twitter user created the handle "@stolen_toilet" and responded to one of Villanueva's tweets by asking: "Charlie are u looking for me?"