Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden are finally together, so now what?

Kyrie's handles get him a layup (0:27)

Kyrie Irving puts his handles on display as he finds his way in for a layup. (0:27)

On Wednesday night in Cleveland, Kyrie Irving's signature Nike shoes were a mosaic.

Scrawled around the swoosh was "I AM, I AM," an apparent reference to the "I am human ... I am healing" caption he put on Instagram this week after returning to the Brooklyn Nets following two weeks away for personal reasons.

There was "Ankh," the Egyptian word meaning "life." He also sketched the corresponding hieroglyphic, which he also wore on an earring as he warmed up before the game against the Cavaliers.

There was "Black Indians," a reference to his heritage as African American and the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, a community he has supported financially and worked hard to spread awareness about.