Fighters forum: Are Jones and Nunes the best of all time?

Jones would welcome trilogy fight with Cormier (0:59)

Jon Jones says he doesn't want to take Daniel Cormier's "shine" but is willing to fight him at light heavyweight if challenged. (0:59)

LAS VEGAS -- Jon Jones and Amanda Nunes both have headlining roles at UFC 239 on Saturday. Jones is regarded by many as the top pound-for-pound men's fighter ever. Nunes has that same distinction among women.

Do their UFC 239 peers agree with that? ESPN asked them that and seven other questions Thursday at media day.

Is Jon Jones the greatest male fighter ever?

Claudia Gadelha: I think Anderson Silva is the best. He was on top for so long. He beat everybody. He was so dominant in a time when everyone was trying to clear out the top. He beat everybody, and badly. Jon Jones is a technical fighter, he's an amazing fighter. But I think he needs to do a little more to do what Anderson did. He meant a lot to Brazilians. He was the god of MMA in Brazil. I grew up watching him. He had an awesome career.

Jack Marshman: Yes. I've been lucky enough to do some live sparring with him when I was at JacksonWink. He's the best there ever was. Just his creativity, his athleticism. He's an amazing fighter. You can't beat what he does. Sparring was intimidating. He's just a great fighter.

Julia Avila: Not of all time. He's a great fighter. I think that there's a lot to being a champion, and I think there's a lot more to being a fighter than just fighting. Given my criteria, I do think he's an amazing fighter and good person, but there's a little more he's lacking in. I think being a good role model and, being in his position, I think there's a certain standard we should hold ourselves to. That's just me. There's nothing wrong with who he is, but my standard is a little bit higher.

I like [Daniel Cormier]. I really appreciate cerebral fighters. I also appreciate people who give back to the community. He's an amazing wrestler, obviously, and I think in general he has great stamina and has proven time and time again he's one of the greats.

Is Amanda Nunes the greatest female fighter ever?

Amanda Nunes: Yes. I proved it. I beat the most dominant woman on the planet, Cris Cyborg, [at featherweight]. I have all those accomplishments in my original [bantamweight] division. I became champion in my original division. I have two belts. It never happened before [in women's MMA]. I'm gonna defend my two belts, never happened before.

Randa Markos: Ronda [Rousey] definitely is one of the best. She did a lot for the sport, a lot for us women. She opened doors for other divisions. I definitely look up to Ronda.

Michael Chiesa: I'm gonna have to say yes on that one. You win two titles, especially the way you cap it off, the way she did against Cris Cyborg, that's a pretty clear-cut winner there. Especially with the amount of talent she's faced. I mean, beating Miesha Tate in the fashion she did, beating Ronda Rousey in the fashion she did, beating Cris Cyborg. She just totally blew these girls out of the water. I do think she's got a tall order ahead of her in Holly Holm. I think this will be her toughest challenge to date. Holly moves a lot. Even if Holly wins, I don't think she'll take that title as best female fighter ever from her, but she definitely has the tools to take one of those belts from her.

Who is the most underrated fighter in the UFC?

Chiesa: I would say Aljamain Sterling. I think Aljamain Sterling has a phenomenal skill set. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. The guy is super tough. ... I think sometimes he gets a little overlooked, because he had a couple shortcomings, but as of late, I don't know how you don't have that guy pegged as No. 1 contender with that win over Pedro Munhoz. ... I think he's world-class, and I think he's a future champion.

Avila: Aspen Ladd is a tough fighter. She would be fun to fight. She's starting to pick up steam and [will be] headlining soon. I could see her in a title match.

Chance Rencountre: Chance Rencountre. For sure. Man, I've been picked the underdog my last three fights, and I didn't win the first fight, but these last two I was the underdog [and won one]. And I think I'm the underdog on this one, too. I'm gonna show them Saturday night. I'm underrated.

Who is the best trash-talker in MMA?

Nohelin Hernandez: I'd give it to Ben Askren. I just think it's witty with what he says, and it makes sense. That's what I admire about his trash talk. Colby Covington, he does not make sense.

Gilbert Melendez: Chael [Sonnen] is the best ever. He's a pioneer. But Nate [Diaz] is just the most authentic, baddest dude out there. Mind-game-type s---.

Ismail Naurdiev: Conor McGregor. Because he did it. Everybody knows that. "Who the f--- is that guy?"

What should the UFC do with the flyweight division?

Gadelha: To tell you the truth, the flyweight division has always been my favorite division. Those guys have to be the fastest, they have to have the best agility, the best technique. They are so quick. Technically, they are the ones who have to be the sharpest. I want [the UFC] to keep it. I think they'll keep it.

Marshman: They should keep it. There's some good fights there. Joseph Benavidez last Saturday had a good win. That's a good fight for Henry Cejudo. I don't think it's boring. I think a couple uneducated people watching might not enjoy it as much as two big lumps knocking each other out, but I like it. It's probably more technical when you watch them fight.

Ben Askren: You know what they need to do? They need to make up their damn mind. ... They only have 12 people in the division. So it's like, s--- or get off the pot. Do one or do the other. The worst thing they can do is what they're doing now, is leaving them in essentially purgatory. Is this gonna keep going? Is it not? I'm not in that position, but that has to be such a tough position for the fighters to be in.

Who is your must-watch fighter in the UFC?

Alejandro Perez: I like a lot, a lot, a lot [of] Khabib Nurmagomedov. Everybody knows he is very good with the takedowns, and I like to look how he gets the takedowns.

Edmen Shahbazyan: It's Jon Jones. I grew up watching him, so every time he was fighting, my friends and I got together for it. His fighting style is crazy. He's the greatest of all time, no doubt. Just his composure, his fighting style -- he adapts to everything, can change whenever he wants to. An incredible talent.

Melendez: Takanori Gomi was my guy when I was young. I watched him every time he fought. Of course, "Bones" Jones, I watch him every time. I think he's the best fighter of all time. He's just untouchable. The only guy who really touched him up was Alexander Gustafsson, and then after that [Jones] just busted him up. It's Jon Jones. I haven't seen anything like it. You see someone like Conor McGregor, who was very tough, is beatable. I haven't seen Jon really face any serious adversity that he's had to overcome. When he did have that adversity, he elbowed Gustafsson in the head. He's the best.

What is your dream fight?

Marshman: I would say Chuck Liddell because he's been my idol. I would love to fight him. His style. He had great takedown defense and was great at getting back to his feet. He always had exciting fights, and I enjoyed it. One of us would go to sleep.

Shahbazyan: I've always said my dream fight is Yoel Romero. I love his fighting style. He's a beast. ... He's just an amazing athlete.

Nunes: [My fiancée,] Nina [Ansaroff]. It's gonna be our last fight. Then we're gonna retire. No, just kidding.

What is the biggest upset in UFC history?

Chiesa: Probably TJ Dillashaw vs. Renan Barao. That one I didn't see coming. A lot of people would say Ronda and Holly Holm, but I know this sport very well and I knew going into that fight that Ronda was gonna have her hands full. That's a tough fight, a girl that can move and is elusive, good striking. Not gonna lie, I didn't think TJ could win that fight. I don't think many people here did. When he did it, it was like "holy crap."

Hernandez: I think it was Holly Holm knocking out Ronda Rousey. That was one that I don't think a lot of people expected, and it happened.

Melendez: Matt Serra vs. Georges St-Pierre. I lost a lot of money on that. I gave someone 3-1 odds. If I win, $100, but I paid him $300. Nobody thought he would beat Georges St-Pierre.