Dillon Danis on allegation: 'Would never denigrate anyone's religion'

Dillon Danis, Conor McGregor's teammate and one of his cornermen for his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov last Saturday at UFC 229, has been accused of calling Nurmagomedov an anti-Muslim slur following Nurmagomedov's victory over McGregor in Las Vegas.

A brawl broke out immediately after the fight, when Nurmagomedov jumped over the cage and confronted Danis. According to a report from TMZ, Nurmagomedov went after Danis upon hearing the slur.

However, Danis released a statement to ESPN on Wednesday night denying the allegation:

"Khabib fans are attempting to smear me in an effort to justify his actions," Danis said in the statement. "I have never and would never denigrate anyone's religion. I look forward to the results of the Nevada Gaming Commission investigation which will reject this bulls--- claim and put the blame where it belongs."

Nurmagomedov retained his UFC lightweight title after submitting McGregor in the fourth round. Moments later, he threw his mouthpiece toward McGregor's corner and jumped over the Octagon toward McGregor and his team. This incited a brawl, which led to McGregor getting punched several times by members of Nurmagomedov's team.

While multiple people were detained by Las Vegas police, McGregor refused to press charges and everyone was released.

Nevada State Athletic Commission chairman Anthony Marnell told ESPN's Brett Okamoto on Monday the commission is conducting a full investigation into the melee. Nurmagomedov has yet to be paid for the fight because the commission has decided to hold on to his disclosed $2 million dollar purse pending the investigation.