First-month grades for all 30 MLB teams: Handing out A's and an F-minus-minus

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

As we roll into May, the Yankees are in first place and possess the best record in the American League. The Mets are also in first place and own the best record in the National League. This is quite fun if you root for the Yankees or Mets or write headlines for the New York tabloids. A little reminder, however: The last season both teams actually finished the year in first place was 2006.

With their hot starts, it's no surprise the Yankees and Mets top our list as we hand out April grades. The team at the bottom -- and we mean way down there, below the muck and the mud, perhaps buried alongside the baseballs from 2019 -- is also no surprise. Let's get to it. Included are each team's projected playoff odds from FanGraphs entering Monday's games, with the change from the start of the season.