Thomas Bjorn promised to get tattoo if Team Europe won back Ryder Cup

Thomas Bjorn led Team Europe to Ryder Cup victory in Paris. David Davies/PA Images via Getty Images

PARIS -- European Ryder Cup team captain Thomas Bjorn will have to pay a visit to the tattoo parlour after making a promise to his team he would get a permanent reminder if they managed to reclaim the trophy from the United States.

Europe stormed to a 17 ½-10 ½ triumph over the U.S. at Le Golf National on Sunday's final day in Paris. As the 12 players and captain Bjorn sat in front of the media afterward, he was reminded that he had a promise to keep.

Bjorn said the tattoo will be etched on an undisclosed part of his body, with one of the players joking he should have it on his forehead as there is a lot of "real estate" there. Ian Poulter said the tattoo would be of the score.

"We had an extra bit of motivation this week," Poulter said. "I'm not sure when it'll get done but we had extra motivation to get our hands on the trophy -- as little or as big as that number will be, it'll be interesting to see."

The tattoo may also have the players' initials included.

"Let me put it this way, it's going to go on a part [of my body] that only [my partner] Grace will see," Bjorn said. "I might have to send [the team] a picture, then you'll all see it as well, I guess. It was the worst decision I made all week."