Patrick Vieira: U.S. national team job 'exciting' for 'a lot of coaches' globally

EXCLUSIVE: Vieira open to coaching U.S. (3:27)

NYCFC coach Patrick Vieira joins ESPN FC's Heineken Boot Room to discuss his current club and potential future jobs. (3:27)

Patrick Vieira says coaching the United States national team "would be exciting," and that the position will become an in-demand job by many managers around the world.

The former Arsenal and France star has gained experience in the U.S. game as coach of New York City FC the past two seasons, and in an interview with ESPN FC, Vieira revealed an attraction to the national team.

Asked if he would ever want the top U.S. job, Vieira said: "Why not? I don't know what will happen tomorrow."

Current U.S. boss Bruce Arena has a lifetime of coaching in the states, and though Vieira feels it would take more than two seasons in Major League Soccer for him to feel comfortable leading the Yanks, he said he's not alone in eyeing the post, which previously drew in another World Cup winner in Jurgen Klinsmann.

"It would be silly for me to answer this question because to be a national team coach you would need experience, you would need to know the league, you would need to know the players and I'm too far away from that," he said.

"Of course to coach the national team of the USA would be exciting. I think you will find a lot of coaches around the world who will want that job one day."

Vieira also spoke of the emerging talents in the U.S., and he sees a bright future for the game stateside.

"There is talent," Vieira said. "And I always think because people in Europe -- and I always say it -- they don't understand and they don't see the talent in this country. And of course it's difficult to compare the U.S. with Europe because of the football history.

"But when you look at what this league has achieved, and the number of talent they have in the last 20 years, can you just think about what will happen in the next 20 years?"

Vieira also said he's happy with New York City FC despite recent links to French club Saint-Etienne, which eventually filled its coaching vacancy this week with Red Bull Salzburg's Oscar Garcia.

"I think to have my name linked with Saint-Etienne or any other team is always flattering, I think it's always good," Vieira said. "But it stops there. It's not going any further than that -- I am really happy here, I am really into the project because it is really exciting what we're trying to build at this football club and I want to be part of it."