Boca's Tevez: Footballers can survive a year without pay amid coronavirus

Boca Juniors veteran Carlos Tevez has encouraged footballers to volunteer and help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Argentina has been in lockdown since March 20 and recently extended a mandatory nationwide quarantine period until the middle of April in a bid to slow the spread of the outbreak.

"We have to be there, to help out," Tevez told America TV. "Of course I would gladly go and help in a soup kitchen, to do whatever.

"A great example would be for all of us, footballers, actors, to go out there and help in the poor neighbourhoods which is where help is needed. I'm available to do that.

"Any footballer can live six months or a year without getting paid. We are not a good example, we might be for other things but not for this.

"We don't have the despair that others live with day after day, those that have to leave their homes at 6 a.m. and return at 7 in the afternoon in order to feed their families the next day.

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"For us, it's easy to talk from home, knowing that I have food for my children. But for those desperate people, that can't move, that if they leave their homes they will get arrested and can't feed their children, it's very worrying."

The country's army has delivered food and is assisting thousands of vulnerable families being affected by the lockdown in Argentina's poorest neighbourhoods.

"From what I hear, the authorities are doing things right for those people," Tevez added "But we also have to be there for them.

"I'm in a different reality today but I went through that situation when you don't have a kilo of potatoes or there's no money to put food on the table."

Argentinian football has been suspended indefinitely since March 17 and Superliga clubs are in discussions to cut the wages of players and staff to cope with the financial impact of the pandemic.