Bayern Munich, Poland striker Robert Lewandowski uses pseudonym to keep low profile

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski is adept at shaking off opposition defenders, but he has been forced to be more creative to escape the glare of his adoring fans.

The Poland captain, 29, has revealed he goes by the name "Emil" to avoid attention.

"It is pure coincidence and I don't use it that much, but it is helpful when we are with friends somewhere," he told the Guardian.

"For example, in a restaurant, we talk and laugh, but don't use 'Robert' or 'Lewy'. And in that situation, I'm Emil. No one turns around or looks in my direction. And if someone thinks they have recognised me, and ask if I am Robert Lewandowski, I simply say 'Sorry, it's a mistake, I just look like him. I'm Emil, not Robert."

Unfortunately for Poland's all-time leading scorer, who bagged a remarkable 16 goals from 10 games in his team's World Cup qualifying campaign, setting a European qualifying record, he has surely now blown his cover on the eve of the World Cup by revealing this clever tactic.

And there is one extra reason for people to inextricably link his name to his face after his own commemorative stamp went into circulation in Poland on the opening day of the tournament.

Poland face Senegal in their opening game on Tuesday.