German paper Bild makes 1966 World Cup promise if UK rejects Brexit

We appreciate acts of diplomacy within football, even if it's something as benign as a player helping up an opponent after a heavy challenge.

German newspaper Bild, however, has gone a step further with a bold promise surrounding the upcoming "Brexit" vote in Britain. They're willing to acknowledge that the highly contentious third England goal in the 1966 World Cup final crossed the line if the United Kingdom votes to stay in the European Union in Thursday's referendum.

Germany have always insisted that Geoff Hurst's effort, which put England 3-2 in front against West Germany, didn't fully cross the line and therefore shouldn't have counted. Yet Bild is prepared to bury the hatchet if the UK rejects the chance to leave.

Bild also made a series of other promises:

- We won't make any more jokes about Prince Charles' ears
- We won't wear sun cream on the beach in solidarity with your sunburn
- We will go without our goalkeeper at the next penalty shootout to make it exciting
- Willingly be the villain in every Bond movie
- Tick with you and immediately put the clocks back one hour
- Put through an EU directive that forbids foam on our beer
- Reserve sun loungers around the pool for you with our towels
- Joachim Low will guard your crown jewels
- We will come to the Queen's 100th birthday celebrations

Your move, Britain...