Man United's Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Other clubs wanted some 'Ibra-kadabra'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has told ESPN FC that he is staying at Manchester United to "finish what I started" and win the Premier League after turning down the chance to "Ibra-kadabra" another club.

The 35-year-old, who is continuing his recovery from a cruciate knee ligament injury sustained in April's Europa League win against Anderlecht, has signed a new contract at United to keep him at Old Trafford until the end of the season.

Ibrahimovic has not ruled out a return to action before the end of the year, despite the severity of his injury, but after helping United win the Community Shield, EFL Cup and Europa League last season, he said that winning the Premier League title is a key factor in his decision to reject offers to move to another club.

"I come back to finish what I started," Ibrahimovic told ESPN FC. "We had couple of teams [interested in me] but, I mean there was a couple of teams reaching out, wanted to have 'Ibra-kadabra' in their team, but I had such a great year with United, we had a great year, we won three trophies.

"Fantastic guys, great club. A coach that I've known from before. I was happy. It's not always about the sportive thing.

"You choose when you sign for a club, and I'm in a situation where I have to think 360 degrees around me.

"Everybody is happy about this and I'm super-happy. Happiness has no value and this year I play for free, just like last year."

With Ibrahimovic initially ruled out until January at the earliest, the Swede has stunned United manager Jose Mourinho and the club's medical team with his progress since undergoing knee surgery in May.

And although he will not put a date on his expected comeback date, Ibrahimovic insists that his recovery should be no surprise considering that he does not consider himself to be human.

"Lions," he said, laughing. "Lions, they don't recover like humans.

"I feel good. I work hard, I didn't have a day off since the injury, I want to keep playing at the top level and you need to build up the knee and do good, because when I come back I don't want to be something I wasn't, I want to be the one I was and even better.

"So it means I have to train even harder, train myself harder and push myself as much as I can do, and that is what I'm doing every day.

"But I feel good, nothing rushed like somebody think. And we train according to the schedule and according to how I feel.

"I am strong. In the beginning when it happened, it was something new for me because it was a big injury, this is the first major injury and was a different situation because I've been playing 15-20 years, every game feeling good, feeling fresh, until that moment where I feel I will not be able to play every three days.

"It will take longer than one month, it's a new situation, something new I have to learn, a new challenge I have to go through but mentally I am strong.

"When I decide something, I don't back up from that challenge or something else, I go for the objective and my goal is to come back and be stronger and to do more because I'm not done yet. I decide when I'm done."

However, the striker who scored 28 goals in all competitions last season would not say exactly when he expects to return to competitive action.

"I don't know," he said. "I mean I feel good. There is some people who not even knowing my injury talking nine months or one year.

"I take it day by day. When I come back, I will be more than ready."