Adrien Silva left seething over four-month Leicester City limbo

Leicester midfielder Adrien Silva has said he is "disgusted" by the situation that has left him in limbo.

Portugal international Silva cannot play for Leicester until January after the paperwork for his £22 million move from Sporting Lisbon was filed 14 seconds after the August transfer deadline.

A Leicester appeal was rejected by FIFA, leaving Silva facing four months out of action and he told Portuguese public broadcaster RTP: "I had a lot of desire to talk about the injustice.

"I was disgusted by this, but people calmed me, they advised me that I had to let go of a painful time to express myself in a calmer, less aggressive way. It was the best decision.

"The negotiations for my transfer to Leicester were very difficult. I had to make a lot of concessions to Sporting -- I will not talk about them, it's between me and the club -- but I want to make it clear that I had to give up things so that negotiations could go on.

"I cannot hide that it was a big disappointment. I felt a great disillusionment with everything that happened, which I was not responsible for, but I am the big loser. It is not a short time without playing."

Leicester moved for Silva late in the window after selling Danny Drinkwater to Chelsea, but failed to get the deal done.

It has left Silva's World Cup place for Portugal in doubt and he said: "Fernando Santos [the Portugal boss] told me to be calm and to prepare for the best when I get to January.

"It [the World Cup] is something that is in my head all the time, and I'm going to work so that I'm in the best condition when the time comes for the World Cup."