Mourinho hopeful over De Bruyne injury

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho said he hopes Kevin de Bruyne will not be out of action for too long after he was stretchered off in their 4-1 win over a Malaysian XI in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.

De Bruyne had set up the opener for trialist Bertrand Traore before scoring himself but was forced off with a knee injury, however he was able to join the rest of his team-mates on the Chelsea bench in the second half.

Mourinho said: "When he was on the floor and asking for a change, everybody on the bench, we thought the worst. The first assessment by the doctor was that it was not the ligaments for sure and if it is something in the meniscus, then it has to be a very small injury.

"So we believe it is not an important injury and hopefully it isn't because the kid is a fantastic player and is showing to you match after match and showing to me in training that he is going to be a key man on the pitch."

De Bruyne is expected to travel on to Jakarta on Tuesday for Chelsea's next summer outing, rather than return to London for further treatment.

Another player keen to impress is Traore, who is in his second six-week trial spell at the club but cannot be signed until December.

"Now we want to keep him. We have to wait until he becomes 18 to try to get a permit for him to stay in England," Mourinho explained "It's the rules and we have to accept them.

"He plays for his national team. Sooner or later the committee has to give him a permit to play in England. He's playing for his country. His country's one of the most important countries in Africa at this moment."

Mourinho is wary of comparing Romelu Lukaku, who also scored in the game, to another muscular forward, Didier Drogba.

"We have to respect Didier, because Didier's unique in Chelsea history," Mourinho added. "And we have to respect Lukaku and the best way to respect Lukaku is not to compare him with a legend of Chelsea Football Club. The kid is good."