Manchester United's Diogo Dalot uses first paycheck to buy minibus for former club

Diogo Dalot used his first paycheck at Manchester United to buy a minibus for the club where he began his playing career.

The 19-year-old, who signed for United from Porto in the summer, played for four years at the Escola de Futebol O Fintas in his native Braga.

Dalot acquired a new nine-seater for his former football school and surprised them this month, it has emerged.

"Diogo had sent us a signed [Manchester United] jersey and we were talking to him on Skype when he told us to go outside of the building and we saw that there was a bus parked outside," Luis Travessa Martins, founder and coordinator of the Escola de Futebol O Fintas, told ESPN FC on Thursday.

"It was new and adapted for the requirements we needed. It was a very gratifying surprise. He had kept it a secret. He told us that with his first pay-check [at United], he wanted to give it us this as a gift. We are a small club, so every help is welcomed."

Despite leaving the Escola de Futebol O Fintas at the age of nine, Dalot has always remained in touch with the school.

"Whenever he comes to Braga, he comes to visit us, he watches the games and takes time to talk to the young players," Martins said. "He is an inspiration to our players."