Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp on ESPN Luck Index: We'll deserve our luck more

Klopp reacts to Liverpool's position on ESPN's Luck Index (0:48)

Jurgen Klopp says he was surprised to see just how much better off Liverpool would have been if luck wasn't a factor. (0:48)

Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool will have to work hard this season to deserve any breaks after being "surprised" by the result of ESPN's Luck Index investigation that found Liverpool to be the unluckiest Premier League side last term.

ESPN's Luck Index, in co-ordination with Intel and the University of Bath, showed the Reds should have claimed 12 extra points last term -- enough to finish second.

Manchester United were the luckiest team in the league in 2017-18, and should have finished fourth instead of runners-up to Manchester City.

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And Klopp said: "What I learned is that you have deserved luck and we will work on that. That we will deserve it even more than last year.

"I was surprised about the numbers, of course. I'm not sure I would have thought that. But it felt in a lot of moments last season a bit like that, to be honest.

"Nobody gives you anything back in that life for that. I didn't understand how they did it, to be honest, but it looked quite complicated. To explain luck is obviously complicated."

The ESPN Luck Index is a comprehensive research project commissioned by ESPN in partnership with Intel, carried out by the University of Bath, to examine how the Premier League would look if luck were not a factor. Find out here how the study was created.