The World Cup so far: all 32 teams' tournaments in three words

Ballsupski: When life gives you lemons, upgrade to a grapefruit (4:35)

It's getting close to the end as day 18 sees Brazil v Mexico, Belgium v Japan and Anthony Richardson and Ian Fiveankles lose each other on different sides of the draw. (4:35)

The World Cup has been entertaining, interesting and thrilling. So here's every team in three words.

Group A

Russia - Defying all predictions

Egypt - Beyond Salah salvation

Uruguay - Suarez, Cavani, Godin

Saudi Arabia - Out of depth

Group B

Morocco - Talented but luckless

Iran - Heroic, defiant defence

Portugal - Cavani trumps Ronaldo

Spain - Possession without punch

Group C

Australia - Only score penalties

Peru - Refreshing, neutrals' favourites

Denmark - Danish Dynamite missing

France - Mbappe's shooting stars

Group D

Argentina - Glory amid chaos

Iceland - Fairy tale ends

Nigeria - Musa cameos insufficient

Croatia - Match for anyone

Group E

Brazil - Difficult hurdles looming

Switzerland - Exit without X-factor

Costa Rica - 2014 heroes conquered

Serbia - Good quality wasted

Group F

Germany - Home in disgrace

Mexico - Same old story

South Korea - Headlines too late

Sweden - Graft, grind, Granqvist

Group G

Belgium - Brilliant or brittle?

Tunisia - Never quite enough

Panama - In too deep

England - Football coming home?

Group H

Poland - Where was Lewandowski?

Senegal - Fair play victims

Japan - Broken-hearted revelation

Colombia - Argued themselves out