Everton's Sam Allardyce indicates he is staying in charge at Goodison Park

Sam Allardyce has given the strongest indication yet that he will manage Everton next season following a planning meeting with majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri.

Allardyce met Moshiri in London on Thursday and said they had talked about plans for the future, dampening speculation that he could leave Goodison Park in the summer.

Sections of the Everton support have grown increasingly dissatisfied with the style of football under Allardyce, but he is confident of getting the chance to continue his work.

"We discussed the plans for next season with Farhad," he said ahead of Saturday's Premier League game at Huddersfield.

"I think that we've got some clarity going forward now. The ins and out of players is a pure wait-and-see basis. We've had a discussion in that manner and [will] try to move forward at the end of the season as quick as we can."

Asked whether that meant all parties were on board for next season, he said: "Didn't I just say that? For clarification, yes."

The 63-year-old also addressed questions over his style of play, suggesting he gets a raw deal from pundits who laud Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone for his organisational abilities.

"What is entertainment? Entertainment is the master of defence in Europe: Diego Simeone," he said.

"Is that entertainment? He's called the master of his trade ... I think they've only conceded four goals at home all season and he's called the master of defence.

"I'm seen as defensive and negative. It seems to be a running trend. Not for the players here, but for Sam Allardyce.

"I can cope with that. I do my job to the best of my ability and I've always tried to be honest with everyone in how I do it and why I do it.

"You're never satisfied as a manager -- you always want the team to be better, to achieve more, to win more, but overall I'm pretty satisfied."