Toe Poke Daily: Real Madrid's Kroos the latest footballer set for the silver screen

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Toni Kroos has joined the ever-growing list of footballers who have taken their life stories to the silver screen. Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann have both dropped movies of sorts in recent years and now the Real Madrid and Germany star has his own movie coming out, aptly named "KROOS."

Movie-goers will get a look at the never-before-seen footage of Kroos washing his shoes in the sink in Germany kit, playing with his kids in the pool and balancing a football on his head as a youth player. Look out Cannes Film Festival!

A slightly less-cynical take on the trailer reveals what seems to be a genuine behind-the-scenes look at the life of a global footballing star. Kroos rubs shoulders with Lionel Messi at awards galas, shows off some pretty nifty moves as a youth player and, of course, being showered with accolades by former teammates, journalists and previous employers like Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness.

Sit tight folks, the full movie will be available on July 4th.

Mane talks to Liverpool supporter in traffic

With just five days until the Champions League final, Liverpool fans are full of excitement. One Reds fan, named Megan, got an extra bit of excitement this week, after Liverpool forward Sadio Mane and his friend pulled up next to her in traffic outside Liverpool.

Mane, seeing the Liverpool flags on the fan's car, pulled up to give her a thumbs up and chat for a moment. Megan recording the interaction on her mobile and tweeted out how excited she was to see the star.

The fan even asked Mane if he would score on Saturday vs. Tottenham, to which his friend replied "Yes! He's going to score a hat-trick."

Liverpool fans will hope his friend is right on the money come Saturday!

What had Sarri fuming at Chelsea training?

Drama never takes a night off at Chelsea, even during a fairly innocuous open training session the night before a major European final.

Maurizio Sarri livened up a fairly routine session at Baku's Olympic Stadium by angrily storming down the tunnel before the end, throwing his Chelsea club shop issue hat to the floor, kicking it away, picking it up before throwing and kicking it away again as he left in front of the watching global media.

David Luiz had appeared to take issue with a late Gonzalo Higuain challenge during a small-sided training game shortly before Sarri's tantrum, though Chelsea subsequently denied that the two incidents were in any way related.

Sarri's anger was more than a little ironic coming just an hour after a press conference in which he said he had grown to love his Chelsea players.

It is understood that Sarri was also annoyed to realise that Chelsea were obligated to allow the media to observe the full hour of his session, rather than the customary 15 minutes of open training for earlier Europa League rounds.

What is for certain, though, is that there's never a dull moment where Chelsea are concerned.

Horan feud with Leeds rambles on

Aston Villa are back in the big time after beating Derby County in the Championship playoff final at Wembley on Monday.

The win is likely to net Villa around £170 million in Premier League revenue heading into next season. It's little wonder the final had been dubbed "the richest game in football." Oddly, the 2-1 win for Villa also served to renew the simmering Twitter hostilities between Leeds United and celebrity Derby fan Niall Horan, once of One Direction.

The squabbling began last October when, while discussing football allegiances, Horan claimed in a radio interview that "nobody likes Leeds", to which the club fired back "No one likes your solo career #BringBack1D" -- thus kicking off 2018's weirdest social media beef.

'Three Lions' Reimagined for Women's World Cup

As we all know, every World Cup campaign needs a World Cup song and with the 2019 Women's World Cup set to kick off next month, England have unveiled theirs.

The anthem is a reworking of the Baddiel & Skinner classic "Three Lions," but with updated lyrics that give the song a feminist message.

"Three Lionesses" borrows the original tune but instead of riffing on the England men's team repeatedly under-performing on the world stage, it features nods to the dismissive attitudes and patronising cliches that the women's game has been subjected to over the years.

"I know the players love the Three Lionesses track and I hope it inspires the team to World Cup glory," said England midfielder Jordan Nobbs, who has been ruled out of the tournament with a knee injury.

"This is an incredible time for women's football as awareness and popularity continues to grow."

Ronaldo steals spotlight in star-studded game

Drama never takes a night off at Chelsea, even during a fairly innocuous open training session the night before a major European final.

Juventus played host to the 2019 Partita Del Cuore charity match on Monday evening with an entire constellation of star names turning out for the event.

Serie A royalty Pavel Nedved, Gianluigi Buffon, Andrea Pirlo and Giorgio Chiellini were on hand to help raise funds alongside various other non-footballing celebrities, including Ferrari F1 drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

Details are a little scarce as the match is now due to be broadcast in full on Italian television tonight (28th May).

However, with the money raised being donated to Cancer Research and the Telethon Foundation, the final scoreline doesn't really matter all that much.

The King meets the Prince

Tennis legend Roger Federer doesn't play the French Open too much these days, so when he's around it's a rare chance to get a photo!

Fair play to PSG and France World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe then, who took his chance with both hands and even had a No. 10 shirt to give to the Swiss superstar.

Roger himself seemed excited by the prospect of meeting the man who could one day be considered the best player in the world. ESPN's 30 under 21 has him at No. 1 after all.