Mourinho: Paul Pogba 'one of the top players in the world', Chelsea won't bid

Jose Mourinho has admitted that he would love to have Juventus star Paul Pogba in his side, but concedes that Chelsea will not be able to afford the midfielder.

Speaking to the media from Chelsea's base in Montreal, the Blues manager said that the nature of the transfer market means that Chelsea will only buy players to replace ones leaving and that they won't splurge on luxuries like Pogba.

"He is one of the top players in the world," Mourinho said, according to the Guardian. "Pogba goes to any team and improves that team automatically. If he stays at Juventus, Juventus will be very strong again. If he goes somewhere else he will improve immediately a team.

"This is not our case. We are changing [Petr] Cech for [Asmir] Begovic, we are changing Didier [Drogba] for [Radamel] Falcao and we are changing kids by other kids. I think everybody has an interest in Pogba. But there are things you can do and things you cannot do. I love the Eiffel Tower but I can't have the Eiffel Tower in my garden. I can't even have the Eiffel Tower of Las Vegas."

"To go for somebody it's because I lose somebody," he said. "It's because somebody wants to leave and because somebody brings the perfect offer for Chelsea to accept. I think the market is inflated.

"I only have to look at what is happening in my own country. [Portugal] is a country in trouble generally -- socially, politically, economically. It's a country in trouble, people are suffering a lot, there have been a lot of cuts, old people have trouble with their pensions, tax is higher, salaries, jobs, everything.

"This season Porto pay €20 million for [Giannelli] Imbula, they give [Iker] Casillas an amazing salary, Sporting are paying millions for coaches and players. Football breaks every situation. This season we are saying: 'Oh, look at this amount for [Raheem]Sterling.' But it will be worse next season. Next season someone will pay £60 million.

The Chelsea manager also singled out UEFA's decision to relax their financial fair play rules as a reason that the transfer market had become even more inflated this summer.

"Football is like this -- one season is financial fair play, the next is a way to dribble [past] the financial fair play. It doesn't upset me. I'm happy with the way that we are doing things I am happy with the challenge of fighting against this power. I told the players that we are the same team and the others are not the same team. I cannot stop opponents to make an assault to the banks and spend millions and millions. I cannot stop that. I cannot stop [that] the others have a feeling that we are playing against the champions.

"The others are spending. The others are buying a lot to try to be better than us and the fact that we are the same -- we are changing a goalkeeper for another one, a striker for another one."

Instead, Mourinho has challenged his existing team to improve on their performance from last season, where Chelsea won the Premier League a comfortable eight points ahead of their nearest rivals Manchester City.

"It's a big challenge. To be better with the same people, the players have to be better individually than they were last year. So when they think: 'Oh last season I did great,' this season it is not enough," he said.

"John Terry -- great season. This season it is not enough. Must be better. [Cesc] Fabregas -- I don't know how many assists last year. Fantastic. It's not enough. Because the others are going to improve with the players they are bringing and we have to improve by ourselves with our work."

"I think 10 years ago or five years ago every Chelsea supporter would say: 'I can't see Chelsea win a title without Frank Lampard.' And Chelsea won the title without one of the three best players of the last 10 years and we did it. No one is irreplaceable. Difficult to replace, yes. To replace one by one is very difficult, very difficult. To replace by good time, a good structure, a good dynamic, good options, it's possible.

Having recently had a bid turned down for Everton defender John Stones, Mourinho says that he is always planning for the future at Stamford Bridge.

"One day when [Terry] stops, and I don't think it will be next season, we have created already a situation for John to be replaced," Mourinho said. "I always think in this direction, I always did imagine now for the first time in my career my perspective is to stay in the club for more time than before.

"I had this thing in my mind to go to different countries and try to win different leagues. I will be here for the next 10 years if the club doesn't sack me."