Liverpool's Mohamed Salah follows Cristiano Ronaldo with unflattering statue

It has become something of a rite of passage for professional footballers, to have a strange, questionable and/or slightly insulting statue erected in your honour.

Some big names have been given with some even bigger eyesores in the past, and now Mohamed Salah can count himself as a member of the club.

The Liverpool forward has been immortalised by Egyptian sculptor Mai Abdel Allah, who unveiled her work at the World Youth Forum in Sharm El Sheikh on Sunday.

While the skill involved cannot be denied, fans were quick to point out that the sculpture bore an uncanny resemblance to several other well-known figures, including Art Garfunkel and actor Daniel Stern, who played Marv the burglar in "Home Alone."

Either way, Salah now has his very own curious statue and that, in footballing terms, is nothing short of a badge of honour -- semi-official confirmation of superstar status.

Just ask Cristiano Ronaldo, or Luis Suarez, or Diego Maradona, or Michael Essien, or Radamel Falcao, etc., etc.