Petr Cech helmet glitch fixed by EA in FIFA 19 after going viral

While Cristiano Ronaldo might grace the cover, it was -- perhaps surprisingly -- Petr Cech who proved to be the breakout star when FIFA 19 was released last week.

A screenshot of Cech went viral when it was discovered that the Arsenal goalkeeper wore his trademark protective helmet at all times, even during contract negotiations in career mode.

Sadly for fans of erroneous headgear, EA Sports have nipped all the widespread mirth in the bud with their very first patch for the game.

The patch (which is now live for the PC version of the game) contains several tweaks and fixes, including the removal of Cech's padding from cut scenes.

However, proving that they do have a sense of humour, EA Sports have also given the veteran stopper a red tie after the man himself complained on Twitter that he always dressed smartly during club meetings.

Nicely done.