Dele Alli's Fortnite stream draws thousands of viewers on Twitch

While the football world's eye were on the Champions League semifinal, Tottenham star Dele Alli was playing a different game entirely: Fortnite.

Alli started streaming his video game online on Wednesday evening as Bayern Munich were hosting Real Madrid, and soon drew over 25,000 viewers on Twitch.

The game has taken the world by storm in recent months and footballers have not been immune to its popularity.

It's become a popular pastime in the Manchester City dressing room, and City forward Sergio Aguero said he played it with superstar Lionel Messi while on Argentina duty in March.

Goal celebrations inspired by the game have become commonplace in the Bundesliga and one was also used by Atletico Madrid star star Antoine Griezmann in this month's derby against Real.

So it's no surprise that Alli wants to get in on the action, but his measly 25,000 viewers isn't all that impressive, considering popular player Tyler "Ninja" Blevins raked in more than 600,000 last month when he sat down to play with rapper Drake.