West Ham defender Patrice Evra drives taxi to work

In a bid to brighten up a drab and drizzly Monday morning, Patrice Evra once again spread the positive vibes via Instagram on his way into training.

Having signed for West Ham a week or so ago, it was perhaps fitting that the French left-back filmed the video from the seat of his new car -- a sparkling silver London taxi.

And just like a real cab driver, the 36-year-old even brought a "grumpy" passenger along for the ride in the shape of his older brother, Dominique.

"I'm crazy mate! On my way to training with my new cab. Do you like it?" Evra beamed from inside the vehicle.

"It's Monday, the weather is sh... sorry, it's really bad. But who cares? I love you all, have a nice day! See you, I have to work now."

You can always rely on Uncle Pat to make Monday that little bit more bearable.