Argentina legend Diego Maradona not quite captured in dodgy statue

With Cristiano Ronaldo's bronze bust and Wayne Rooney's particularly unflattering courtroom sketch, 2017 has proved to be a vintage year for questionable portraits of well-known footballers.

However, with just a few weeks of the year left, another brilliantly dodgy likeness has been added to the pantheon after a sculptural tribute to the great Diego Maradona was unveiled in Kolkata, India, on Monday.

The 12-foot statue is supposed to depict the young Maradona hoisting the 1986 World Cup aloft, though why the artist chose to make the trophy so large and El Diego look like his own grandmother is open to debate.

Still, the man himself appeared to be genuinely appreciative after travelling to India to witness the artwork being unveiled in person.

"I am not god of football but a simple footballer," the 57-year-old told the gathered crowd via an interpreter. "I'm happy to be here in Kolkata again. It's amazing to have my statue here."