Manchester Nando's stay open 5 extra minutes -- 'Fergie time'

Nine Manchester-area Nando's are honouring Sir Alex. It's unclear if that 'area' includes the blue half of town. Katie Collins/PA Wire/AP Photo

Sensing their opportunity to stage a bit of a creative PR stunt, the Nando's restaurant in Manchester's Trafford Centre shopping complex (along with eight other branches in the area) pounced upon Sir Alex's big news on Wednesday and announced that in tribute to the United overlord's passage into retirement, they would be staying open an extra five minutes to allow for "Fergie time".

Nando's tweeted: "In honour of Sir Alex Ferguson we're proud to introduce #NandosFergieTime - all our Manchester Nando's will be open 5 minutes later tonight."

The Portuguese chicken peddlers then posted their updated opening hours on Facebook shortly thereafter.

However, it's not like Nando's were the only company who capitalised on the viral potential of the whole "Fergie Time" phenomenon, with hotel chain Premier Inn also offering their customers 26 extra minutes to check out at any of their hotels in Manchester on Sunday in honour of Sir Alex's propensity for getting things done in the dying milliseconds of the time added on to the injury time tacked on to the end of stoppage time.