Keita throws water bottle at Pepe

The fun and frolics began several minutes before the first whistle during last night's friendly between Roma and Real Madrid in Dallas, with former Barcelona midfielder Seydou Keita not taking long to renew past hostilities between himself and Pepe.

The feud between the pair dates back to the first leg of the 2011 Spanish Supercopa between Real Madrid and Barcelona, wherein Pepe was accused after the game of racially abusing Keita.

Unwilling to forgive and forget, Keita last night made a point of refusing to shake Pepe's hand as the Roma players made their way down the Madrid lineup, with the animosity then flaring further when Keita launched an open water bottle at his goading nemesis.

It was also reported that the fourth official spotted that Pepe had spat at Keita at some point during the pregame kerfuffle, although the alleged incident wasn't captured on camera.

Keep in mind, this was supposed to be a friendly.