David Beckham: 2026 World Cup in North America would be 'very special'

David Beckham says it would be "very special" if the United bid of North American countries wins the right to host the 2026 World Cup.

The joint bid, in which the United States has joined forces with Canada and Mexico, faces opposition from Morocco, with a FIFA vote on which bidder hosts the tournament taking place next week.

Beckham, who played five and a half seasons in the U.S. with the LA Galaxy, believes the growing interest in the game in North America, along with the quality of infrastructure, would make it a tournament he would want to attend as a fan.

"A football competition as big as the World Cup deserves to be in great places, and if the US, Canada and Mexico get that, it will be very special," Beckham told MLS.

"I know the passion that runs through all three of those countries -- I played in L.A. for six years and when we traveled to Canada, I have seen that passion. And don't get me started on Mexico -- there are not many nations that are as passionate as Mexico.

"I went to a couple of games the last time America hosted the World Cup [in 1994], and it was incredible. Now, there are more people who understand the game and get excited about the game.

"The infrastructure will be there and more importantly the excitement and the passion will be there."

Beckham said the game had grown enormously in the U.S. in the last decade and added: "If it does happen I know, as a fan, I will be going to that World Cup."