Radja Nainggolan: No decision taken over Belgium retirement yet

Radja Nainggolan insists he has yet to make a decision over his retirement from the Belgium national team, despite reportedly saying that he had quit after disagreements with coach Roberto Martinez.

Nainggolan, 29, took to Twitter to denounce an interview given to Nieuwsblad, claiming: "If something official is to be said, you will hear it from me. I'm just disappointed. I have not decided anything at all."

However, the Roma midfielder did not deny the interview took place.

Nainggolan had been quoted as saying that his retirement was down to a breakdown in his relationship with Martinez after the former Everton manager hit out at him ahead of the Estonia game.

"He called me at 11.00 (one hour before the squad announcement) and said he had the impression I was not focused enough on playing for the Red Devils during the World Cup matches in June. I was about to explode when I heard that," Nainggolan told Nieuwsblad.

"He didn't mention it, but we only talked for a minute, no more than that. As for Estonia, I was waiting for the lift for 37 seconds and was late. Other players were late too, I was not alone. It's always something.

"I am going to stop international football now. It makes no sense. He calls Youri Tielemans who is sitting on the bench and playing only a few minutes at Monaco.

"When he was appointed, Martinez said that the Red Devils must play in top competitions. Now that Axel Witsel is in China, suddenly that doesn't apply anymore. That's all fine, but I have to step up my game? Come on.

"Actually, I was in the same restaurant as Martinez in Ibiza. He did not say hello or goodbye, neither did I. How can you work together like that?"

Nainggolan has made 161 appearances for Roma since arriving from Cagliari in January 2014 and signed a new contract this summer after links with Chelsea.

He continued: "It makes no sense to continue with international football. I played 52 games for Roma, who were second in Serie A last season. I always do my best, work with the team, still there is always something, some reason to leave me out.

"I won't do this anymore. I quit. I am 29 years old and they won't let me go any further than this. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is. I'm being pushed into this situation, so fine, now everything I do is for Roma."