Switzerland's Admir Mehmedi gifts house to Macedonian family

Bayer Leverkusen winger Admir Mehmedi has gifted a house to a poor family in Macedonia, the country of his birth.

Switzerland international Mehmedi, who left Macedonia aged three in the mid-1990s, visited a Macedonian village called Padalisht, where his father introduced him to a family.

Blick reported that the family of six lived inside a house in which they shared two beds in only room, and Mehmedi told the Swiss newspaper: "It affected me to the core."

The 25-year-old said the roof on the house did not stop snow and rain from pouring in and added: "It deeply touched me."

Mehmedi, whose father was director of a timber company in Macedonia until 1983, decided to build the family a home and gift it to them.

"My dad's currently on-site," he said. "It should be ready in two, three weeks."

Asked how much he invested, he replied: "You know, building a house is not cheap, but I appreciate what I have, and I want others to feel fine as well."