Arsenal's Hector Bellerin turned vegan after talking to boxer David Haye

Hector Bellerin discussed his decision to become a vegan after talking to boxer David Haye, saying it has helped his body recover quicker over the last year.

The Spanish right-back cut meat out of his diet in October and he said that, after initially looking to just try it for a short period, he felt so much better that he decided to make the change permanent.

"I realised that at some point I didn't really need to eat meat. I learned a lot about it and asked other athletes such as Haye," he said. "I spoke to others in the movement and I decided to take the step.

"My goal was to try for three weeks but the difference I felt in my body was massive so I decided to stick to it. The recovery after games in my muscles and the long-term injuries that I have had before have started to recover way quicker. So why would I change something that is working for me?"