Alex Iwobi: Online abuse from Arsenal fans can get 'crazy'

Alex Iwobi says some of the abuse he gets from fans on social media is "crazy" but that supporters always remain respectful in real life despite Arsenal's current poor form.

Arsenal fans are growing increasingly restless amid a rough patch that has seen the team lose four of their last five Premier League games and lose 10-2 on aggregate against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Although Arsene Wenger has taken the brunt of the criticism, the players have been targeted on social media as well, but Iwobi says he can only laugh off the things that get said.

"You know what, I only get a tough time online. I can still go around and everyone's nice, I still get respected," Iwobi said in the Mail on Sunday.

"I hope the fans know that, that I always give 100 percent for the team, for the club. I know the fans want to win trophies, we all do. But it's a huge difference between what you see on the street and on social media. Huge. Some of the things on there, it makes me laugh.

"Fans are allowed to have their own opinion, at the end of the day they can say whatever they want, but some of them, it's crazy. They just want their own team to win. I can understand that. But some of the things they say... There's nothing I should say, but I've seen it all! You just have to brush it off and go again. I just try not to see it."

Iwobi also underlined his support for Wenger, saying the squad remains united behind the under-fire manager.

"I'll tell you now, everyone is fighting 100 percent for him, we all want to win games, we respect what he's done for the club, and respect him as a person," Iwobi said. "Obviously we've had a few problems because of the results not going well, but, we're due to bounce back, it's just a minor setback."