Valtteri Bottas shook off German GP disappointment with beers and cycling

Valtteri Bottas could make a big statement on Sunday if he converts a British Grand Prix pole position into victory. Mark Thompson/Getty Images

BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Valtteri Bottas shook off the disappointment of the German Grand Prix by "punishing" himself cycling and having "a couple of beers".

Bottas had the opportunity to halve his points deficit to teammate Lewis Hamilton in Hockenheim, but spun out of the race while chasing a podium, resulting in Hamilton extending his lead by two points to 41. The Finnish driver said it took him until the following day to get over the disappointment.

"I would say by Monday, midday, after punishing myself for two hours on the bike, I was feeling fine. A couple of beers and a couple of hours of biking, but not at the same time!

"For sure, it's always painful when it was down to you, on a driving mistake. You know, not a big one but the consequences were big. For sure we had to go through it, we've analysed everything on Tuesday, with the team, about the race, about the strategies, because it was a pretty special one.

"Obviously there were a lot of things we could have done better, pretty much every single team element could have done better, including myself -- I could have been better in the race. That's now all done, analysed, for sure it was a missed opportunity, but there are ten more opportunities on the way."

After making a strong start to the season, Bottas' championship chances have faded away in recent races and he has not won since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in April. Nevertheless, he still has the same belief in himself as he did after winning the opening race of the season in Australia.

"There are many details to get right, but I still believe in myself as hard as I did after the first race of the season and I know I can win and I am still in the championship fight," he said. "Maybe some people don't believe it but I know myself it is possible and that is the main thing."

Asked if he was no relying on Hamilton to make mistakes to win the championship, he added: "Watching all the seasons back in Formula One, anything can happen and that's why there is no point giving up. I can't say I am relying on that [Hamilton's mistakes], but for sure it would be a big benefit.

"There is a bit of a points gap and one way or another I need to get closer sooner or later and for me personally it would have been helpful if he had been more unlucky. Obviously, it's not good for the team but for me personally it would be good. But we will see. I am not relying on that. I want to perform and may the best man win."