F1 and Chemical Brothers create 'fastest remix of all time' for 2019 season

If you've ever complained that Formula One is lacking a global sonic identity then you are in for a treat in 2019.

Why? Because that's exactly the what championship series says it has combined with electronic music act The Chemical Brothers to create ahead of the new season.

The English band are long-time F1 fans and have remixed a new track called 'We've Got to Try' from its upcoming album, 'No Geography'. The song has been accelerated to 15,000 beats per minute (BPM) to reflect the 15,000 revs per minute (RPM) a modern-day Formula One car is capable of reaching.

The song -- given the catchy title 'WGTT15000BPM F1 NEEEUM MIX' -- was released on Thursday to social media. The remix will be accompanied by a series of six-second films that show a dog behind the wheel of an F1 car and commandeering a rocket into space.

The clips are from the full 'We've Got to Try' video, which tells the tale of 'Girl the Dog' and her mission to complete the impossible.

The accompanying press release says: "[The Chemical Brothers], famous the world over for pushing machines and technology to their limits via their music, have transformed a brand-new track into the iconic sound of an F1 car roaring past at high speed".

It claims the 'Neeeum' mix is the fastest remix of all time -- which it points out is "an appropriate claim for F1" and adds that the remix and the full 'We've Got to Try' song will be F1's "global sonic identity" going forward as well as becoming the sound of the F1 2019 season. It does not clarify in further detail what that actually means.

Last year F1 released a new theme tune for the championship, written by Brian Tyler, which quickly gained popularity with fans across the world as the intro to broadcasts and races on the world feed.