Radio Ga Ga: Italian Grand Prix

Tech Corner: Why was Grosjean disqualified at Monza? (1:56)

Haas' Romain Grosjean lost his sixth place finish at the Italian Grand Prix, but what exactly was illegal about his car? (1:56)

A round-up of the best radio soundbites from the Italian Grand Prix, where Lewis Hamilton spoiled Ferrari's party and Kevin Magnussen and Fernando Alonso's mini rivalry turned nuclear.

"Aggghhh.... I think Magnussen wanted to race into Turn 1! Haha!"

Fernando Alonso laughs about his incident with Kevin Magnussen at the end of Q2, which jeopardised both their laps...

"What the hell is Fernando doing?"

...while Magnussen fumed at the McLaren driving's manoeuvre. After qualifying Magnussen would launch an epic rant at Alonso, saying he cannot wait for the Spaniard to retire at the end of the year.

"YES! Fantastic. Aye, aye, aye. That's mega."

Red Bull-bound Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly celebrates his progression to Q3.

"Kimi you are on pole!"
"Thank you"

A classic Kimi Raikkonen response to the news he had just claimed his first pole of the season.

"P2, P2, Kimi on pole position."
"We speak after..."

After being beaten to pole by Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel sends Ferrari a cryptic message suggesting he is unhappy with how things played out. Things wouldn't get much better on Sunday afternoon...

The race

"That was silly, where did he want to go?"

The German's frustrations were aimed at title rival Hamilton 24 hours later following their clash at Turn 4. The contact forced Vettel into a spin and into a recovery drive through the field.

"Max, we have been given a five-second penalty."
"For what!?"
"Don't worry about it, get your head down."
"Don't worry about it? This is [censored] [censored]. They're doing a great job of killing racing."

Max Verstappen takes aims at F1's race stewards after being delivered news of a penalty for banging wheels with Valtteri Bottas late in the race.

"I know I'm losing time to Vettel but I really don't care!"

The stubborn Dutchman refuses to let Bottas past him and concentrate on building a five-second gap to Vettel to preserve fourth.

"Get in there Lewis! You. Are. The. Man!"

Peter Bonnington congratulates Lewis Hamilton for his decisive victory at Monza.

"Formation all the way home, just to show our Italian colleagues."

Perhaps remembering Sebastian Vettel celebrating the British Grand Prix by saying Ferrari could "plant a British flag at Maranello", Mercedes tells Hamilton and Bottas to drive back wheel-to-wheel after taking the chequered flag.