Alonso questions why FOM aired his 'private' team radio

BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Fernando Alonso has questioned why Formula One felt the need to broadcast his radio discussion with his engineer about which wet tyre to use in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

As conditions got worse in the second session of qualifying, Alonso was 11th fastest without any sign of improving on the intermediate tyre. He needed to move up to tenth in order to secure a place in Q3, and when his race engineer Mark Temple asked him whether he thought he would stand a better chance on the full wet tyres or intermediates, the following radio played out.

Temple: "Fernando, do you think we should do a new set of inters or wets?"
Alonso: "I think we should go to the garage and see the conditions. With the wet we can go out but if we are 25 seconds slower it is running for nothing. We need to improve on P11.
Temple: "If we did that it would just be time for one timed lap at the end..."
Alonso: "I don't know, mate. Put whatever tyre you want [on the car]. The last sector is impossible. Even if you put on a rocket ship we will be 11th."

Asked about the exchange after the session, in which Alonso qualified 11th, he couldn't understand why Formula One had decided to play the message on TV.

"It was again another radio message that FOM broadcasted," he said. "That is their favourite hobby so good luck to them. I don't really understand the meaning.

"What is so strange about when you are on track and the last sector is super wet and you cannot improve anymore in the last sector? So you know you have a normal conversation, private conversation with the team if it's worth doing another lap with extreme or not.

"At the end we attempted to do another lap with extreme. They seemed to have fun on that but it's annoying sometimes."

But Alonso said he was happy with his qualifying performance and the opportunity to score points on Sunday.

"Basically it was a Saturday where the rain sort of saved us, allowing us a good starting position, and we know qualifying is worth 90 percent of the final result because here it's so difficult to overtake, we tend to run like a train.

"So, starting so close to the points, with a good start tomorrow I think we have good chances to get into the points. Without the rain today that chance would have never come."