Daniel Ricciardo would be happy to scrap 'nonsense' F1 practice sessions

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If it was up to Daniel Ricciardo, Formula One would eradicate free practice sessions from race weekends and just go straight into qualifying.

The rigidity of the modern F1 formats has come under scrutiny in recent years, with the sport's bosses considering ways of changing it for the better. Currently, every weekend on the calendar involves three practice sessions -- Thursday/Friday has two 90 minute sessions, before one 60 minute session on Saturday ahead of qualifying, which is then followed by the grand prix on Sunday.

One tweak which has been suggested in recent months is the addition of a shorter sprint race, possibly featuring a grid formed in reverse championship order or run to decide the grid for the grand prix itself. Ricciardo would be happy to see more meaningful running throughout a weekend but thinks F1 would have to ensure it did not ruin the overall product.

"I'd prefer no practices and just Saturday, Sunday," Ricciardo said. "Just qualify Saturday morning, race Saturday afternoon and race again Sunday. Less laps of nonsense and more laps of meaningful business.

"I want it to be serious, it is not the F1 everyone is used to, so you have to be careful with two races. But I like racing, I don't like practice so much. So, if it just meant that we could race more through a year, and do less practice, then that sounds good to me."

This year, Ricciardo's management team have tried to limit the amount of marketing and media days he does away from F1 after the Australian struggled to fulfil a hectic schedule in 2017. With F1 owners Liberty Media also keen to expand the calendar, Ricciardo says he would happily trade more of his weekends for races if it meant less commitments away from the sport.

When asked if he would prefer a calendar of 16 or 23 races in future, he laughed and said: "It depends if those other weekends are holidays or marketing days. If it is marketing days then I prefer 23 races. If it is holidays then I prefer 16 races."