Azerbaijan Grand Prix - Radio Ga Ga

Azerbaijan produced another classic Formula One race and the usual radio broadcasts from the sport's drivers also did not disappoint. We round up the most frantic, most upset and most bewildered here.

"What the f---! I cannot believe it. I'm coming at 320 [km/h] and he's f---ing stopped!"

Pierre Gasly was lucky to avoid two high-speed accidents during the weekend. The first had him furiously ranting about Toro Rosso teammate Brendon Hartley, who had slowed on the racing line with a puncture. Gasly just barely avoided the New Zealander and what would have been one of the biggest accidents in recent memory.

"I got in the way of Gasly. I tried to get out of the way -- I'm so sorry."

A baffled Hartley apologises for not moving out of the way quickly.

"What a stupid guy! Unbelievable. You take care in corner one, two, and they crash into you. F---, they're stupid!"

Fernando Alonso is a remarkable man: Not only did he manage to channel his anger at Sergey Sirotkin into this message, he also did so while two-wheeling it back to the McLaren garage after sustaining two separate punctures. He would later call it the best race of his career, one none of his F1 rivals could have possibly finished in the same scenario.

"Suggest SOC 10, Nico, and overtake [button]"
"Leave me alone!"

Nico Hulkenberg asks for radio silence after being given an instruction about engine settings from the Renault pit wall.

"You're going to have to do him again. Let's get him!"

A message which doesn't look too clever in hindsight. Having fallen behind Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen at the pit stop, Daniel Ricciardo gets encouragement to catch the Dutchman. Given the collision which followed, Red Bull probably should have urged a bit more caution.

"How can he be ahead of us?"
"He was in front. Twelve seconds and he had the gap to pit."

A message no F1 driver wants to hear. A surprised Sebastian Vettel gets the bad news that the timing of the Safety Car has handed the initiative to Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas.

"F---! NO! NO! What happened?"
"I think Ericsson hit us."

Romain Grosjean cannot believe his misfortune after spinning out under the Safety Car while warming his tyres. His race engineer -- to the amusement of many observers -- suggests it could have been Marcus Ericsson, although TV angles later show the Frenchman's moment was all of his own making.

"Oh my God, it just blew up on its own! F---!"

A disbelieving Bottas curses his bad luck as his right-rear tyre rips to shreds, costing him the race victory and the chance to lead the championship for the first time in his career.

"Get in there Lewis. Well done mate, I think lady luck was on our side today..."

Peter Bonnington congratulates Lewis Hamilton on a rather fortunate victory. Hamilton would seek out teammate Valtteri Bottas to commiserate with the Finn before heading to the podium ceremony.