Fernando Alonso: Red Bull's Chinese GP win motivation for McLaren

Things we learnt in China (0:46)

Jennie Gow takes a closer look at the three things we've learnt following the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix. (0:46)

Fernando Alonso says McLaren cannot hide from the fact it needs to improve and believes the team will be spurred on by seeing fellow Renault engine customer Red Bull's win in China.

Alonso and McLaren are yet to reach Q3 in 2018, although the Spaniard has scored points at all three races and currently sits sixth in the drivers' championship. The team came into the season with expectations of challenging for podiums by mid-season with its new engine supply.

Red Bull claimed Renault's first win of the season in Shanghai and Alonso believes that increases the pressure on McLaren to ensure it can be in a competitive position this year.

"It showed us the potential of the power unit and it gives us good motivation that with this power unit we will be able to fight if we do a good job on the chassis side," Alonso said after the race. "We are not quite there yet. We need to close that gap and we need to work harder on the chassis side.

"We know that we have to improve, no doubts. We can't hide that. But at the same time we are doing our job on Sundays and scoring as many points as possible for the team."

When asked if he can hope for some improvements on Sunday soon, Alonso said: "Yeah, definitely. I think after now, three races, we more or less identified some of our problems.

"We seem a little bit slow on the straights compared to the main competitors, so I think there is potential to develop the car in that direction and gain some free lap time. So let's hope to see some results."