Mercedes boss Toto Wolff calls F1's 2021 proposal a 'starting point for dialogue'

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SAKHIR, Bahrain -- Mercedes boss Toto Wolff views the plans outlined by Liberty Media for F1's future as a starting point for discussions, saying they contain ideas that still need to be understood and refined.

The sport's bosses Chase Carey and Ross Brawn revealed their vision during a meeting with the sport's ten teams on Friday morning in Bahrain. A subsequent press release outlined Liberty's five-point plan for how to improve key aspects of the sport, although the teams were privy to far more details during Carey and Brawn's presentation.

A number of key political battle grounds are likely to emerge from Friday's meeting as teams digest the proposed changes to engine regulations, prize money, F1's governance and the introduction of a budget cap.

With the FIA's support, F1 can push through their vision regardless of any team's objection, but in doing so risks the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari turning their backs on the sport.

Asked if he thought Friday's presentation was a fait accompli rather than a proposal, Wolff said: "There is no such thing as a fait accompli because you can always decide if you like it or you don't. I think where we are today is that this is the starting point of a dialogue.

"Chase used a sentence that is intelligent that says 'we have no exclusivity to good ideas'. We will be starting discussions, they will be starting discussions with each of the teams to see and understand their perspective.

"There are many ideas and proposals that have been either overdue or necessary or good, and then there are some that are very challenging and need details to really understand."

When Wolff was asked if Mercedes would continue in the sport if the proposal remains unchanged, he added: "I think we are 2018 today, and there is a set of ideas and concepts for 2021 that need refinement, that need understanding of the detail.

"And only then I think is it the right moment for the teams to decide whether this is something they like, they wish to participate in or not."