Radio Ga Ga: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Radio Ga Ga: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (0:35)

Catch up with all the best bits of race radio from the final race of 2017 in Abu Dhabi. (0:35)

The season finale in Abu Dhabi may have seemed dull from the outside, but there was plenty of radio chatter behind the scenes. ESPN digs out the best of team radio from Yas Marina

Simon Rennie: "Ok mate, I saw that. It looked like Grosjean got in your way?"
Daniel Ricciardo: "Nah, he was good. He didn't get in my way."
SR: "I'm not sure your sarcasm comes across very well."
DR: "Yeah, ------!"
SR: "Understood"

An example of the deep driver/engineer understanding between car No.3 and the Red Bull pit wall during free practice.

"Something flew out of my car and hit me on the head and went on top of the car. Don't know what it was."

Kimi Raikkonen takes a hit on the formation lap. The flying object remains unidentified.

"Hulkenberg cut the corner. He needs to give back the position, man. He needs to give back the position! ... What's going on with Charlie, man? They don't have to be a genius to realise that he cut the corner and gained an advantage. We discussed that in the drivers' briefing."

Sergio Perez is left fuming after Nico Hulkenberg retains position by cutting Turn 11 on the opening lap.

Mark Temple: "Gap to Sainz only 21.4."
Fernando Alonso: "Okay, but it's what we have. I would love to go quicker, I would love to have more deployment, I would love to have many things. But this is what we have."

Fernando Alonso gets his Christmas list in early as he defends position from Renault's Carlos Sainz around the pit stops.

Gary Gannon: "You need to obey Turn 11 dotted line. Don't go on the other side of the dotted line."
Romain Grosjean: "I can crash if they want, but honestly I am starting to be a bit fed up with their rules."

Grosjean loses patience with the FIA's rulings on track limits.

Lance Stroll: "Really struggling with the rears, guys. Can you give me some information, Luca? You're being very quiet."
Luca Baldisserri: "Diff entry two. We are checking, Lance."

Stroll's struggles started during the opening stint of the race...

Stroll: "Can we box this lap? I would really suggest that rather than go all the way."
Baldisserri: "Stand by."
LS: "No time..."
LB: "Stand by, Lance."
LS: "Yeah but I have two major flat spots! Box, box, box, I have to box. Box now!"
LB: "OK, OK, box this lap."

Stroll dictates strategy in a move that triggers a three-stop strategy while most drivers opt for a one-stop...

Stroll: "Maybe we can box now to do something different with the tyres? Maybe I can learn something because right now it's kind of a waste of time."
Baldisserri: "Okay, box now. Box."

With any hope of a decent finish lost, Stroll orders another new set of tyres as the Abu Dhabi GP turns into a test session for car 18...

Stroll: "What should I do? Just give me a little bit more information. Should I manage the tyre a bit more?
Baldisserri: "Push. We are thinking the front is too cold. So try to bring up the temperature in the front and see what happens to the balance."

The coaching continues as Stroll struggles to get his tyres up to temperature. He went on to finish last of the 18 cars running at the chequered flag.

Perez: "What did you do with the front wing? What did you do with the front wing?"
Tim Wright: "Exactly what you asked."
SP: "And what did I ask?"
TW: "You didn't want to go too low."

Mild confusion in the cockpit of car 11 after a flap adjust at Perez's pit stop.

"You can't follow for s---."

Lewis Hamilton offers his opinion on the quality of racing in Abu Dhabi.

"YES! Thank you guys. That felt good -- such a good car today. That's a nice way to end the season."

Valtteri Bottas celebrates over team radio after taking the third win of his career.

"I did some doughnuts practice for next year."

An optimistic Alonso gets his celebration sorted ahead of McLaren's switch to Renault power in 2018.

Felipe Massa: "I'm here on the grid guys ... I have no power any more."
Rob Smedley: "Are you sure you are supposed to be there?"
FM: "Yeah, I'm here, man!"
RS: "Fair enough. It's like the third time!"

In his last race in Formula One, Massa shows little regard for the FIA's parc ferme procedures. Unfortunately his car's power cut out before he had a chance to celebrate with a doughnut.