Radio Ga Ga: Malaysian Grand Prix

ESPN rounds up the best radio soundbites from Sepang, as the Malaysian Grand Prix served up a thrilling race on its F1 swansong.

KR: "I have no power."

"OK Kimi, if you can just get round to the grid, we'll try and fix the issue on the grid."

KR: "I have no battery, it's just empty."

Ferrari's hopes of challenging for a win were all-but ended before the lights went out on Sunday, as Kimi Raikkonen's SF70H suffered a turbo failure on his way to the starting grid.

MV: "That's how we do it!"

"Well done mate. Right -- let's clear the DRS. Think about your tyres now."

Max Verstappen's reaction after pulling off a sublime pass on championship leader Lewis Hamilton to snatch the lead on lap four. The move proved crucial as the newly-turned 20 year-old stormed to victory.

"So did Sainz hit you? Did Sainz hit you?

EO: "Yeah for sure. For sure he hit me."

"Well let us know then..."

EO: "That's not clear enough?!"

"Yeah you need to get on the radio and let us know. Yeah?"

A strange and confusing radio conversation between Esteban Ocon and his Force India team following a collision with Toro Rosso's Carlos Sainz on lap 25. The message was pretty clear to us, Esteban...

FA: "What an idiot! Hulkenberg is right!"

KM: "What the hell is he doing that guy?"

"OK we saw it, we saw it!"

Fernando Alonso and Kevin Magnussen share their verdicts after rubbing wheels (and bodywork) on lap 32. Alonso's message referred to Nico Hulkenberg's spat with Magnussen after the Hungarian GP, when the German called the Haas driver the most unsporting driver on the 2017 grid.

"F------ hell. Pushed me off again!"

Ocon was left frustrated after Williams' Felipe Massa forced him off track at Turn 4 at mid-distance.

KM: "What a f------ lunatic."

"Everything OK with the car?"

JP: "Yeah, there was some contact there."

Magnussen got himself in another scrap later in the race as Jolyon Palmer tagged the back of the Dane's car and sent his Renault into a spin at Turn 1. It was the Briton's second rotation in a matter of three corners.

"Hey what a... come on Alonso... really?! I thought you were better than that."

A charging Sebastian Vettel was less than impressed after being visibly held up by back-marker Fernando Alonso as he hunted down Daniel Ricciardo's podium spot in the closing stages of the race.

"I think you've broken Vettel's spirit. Good job"

Red Bull's exchange with Ricciardo after he managed to hold off Vettel's advances and pulled a gap to the German.

"Well done Max!"

MV: "Yeeeees! Wooooo! Ha ha ha ha ha."

"Ah, well done Max. Well done mate. That was absolutely on merit. On merit. Flawless drive. And uh, happy birthday mate!"

MV: "Hahaha, I enjoyed that one! Haha!"

Christian Horner: "Super super job, Max. That's a really great drive, so welcome to being a 20 year old! Great start to a new decade for you, well done!"

Verstappen and his Red Bull team celebrate on the radio after F1's youngest-ever winner sealed the Milton Keynes-based outfit's second victory of the season.

SV: "Is that possible? Stroll is not looking where he's going. He completely shunted into my car! I mean seriously..."

LS: "Vettel's just run right into the side of me!"

Vettel and Lance Stroll react to one of the most bizzare F1 crashes of all time, as the pair came together after the chequered flag. The stewards took no action over the incident, while Vettel was left with significant damage to the rear of his Ferrari and had to hitch a ride home on the side of Pascal Wehrlein's Sauber.