Kevin Magnussen brands Lewis Hamilton 'disrespectful' after FP2 block

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HUNGARORING -- Kevin Magnussen has criticised Lewis Hamilton for blocking him in FP2, saying the three-time world champion is a repeat offender and suggesting he does not care about other drivers.

Magnussen completed just four proper laps in FP2 after seeing Antonio Giovinazzi put his car in the wall during the morning session. Despite his limited time in the car in the afternoon the world feed broadcast a message from Magnussen complaining about Hamilton over the radio.

It's the second time in two races a Haas driver has been frustrated with Hamilton, who escaped punishment for blocking Romain Grosjean as the Frenchman completed a flying lap during qualifying for the British Grand Prix. At the time Grosjean complained Hamilton was given preferential treatment for being in the title fight.

"There's no one in front of him and he still decides to go extremely slow in the last sector when I'm on a good lap," Magnussen explained. "It's just unnecessary for him to be that slow on the last sector, with no one in front of him. He always gets in the way so it's not news. I only did four laps today and he managed to get in the way!"

When asked if he would seek out Hamilton to talk about the repeated incidents, he said: "I don't really speak to him.

"What can I do? I'm not driving his car. Some drivers just really don't care. It would be the same when he's on a good lap in qualifying one day, I'm not going to care. But we'll see.

"There's no-one in front of him and he just decides to go really slow in the last sector when I'm on a fast lap. No-one in front of him. There's not anything illegal in what he does, it's only a bit disrespectful."