Robert Kubica thinks he has '90 percent chance' of F1 return

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Robert Kubica believes he has an "80 or 90 percent" chance of making a Formula One comeback following his Renault test last month, one he looks set to repeat in the near future.

Kubica returned to an F1 cockpit for the first time in Valencia, driving a 2012-spec Lotus E20 and impressing Renault with his pace. The Polish driver's F1 career was cut short in 2011 when he nearly severed his right arm and hand in a violent rallying crash ahead of the season.

His impressive test sparked rumours he could replace struggling Renault driver Jolyon Palmer this season, though the team has played down that speculation. Various reports on Tuesday suggest he will be handed another test with Renault later this month.

"If you asked me how much I was realistically thinking that coming back to F1 was possible [before the test], I would have put myself up to 10 or maximum 20 percent chance," Kubica told Auto Express. "Because the clock is running -- not just the classification, but also [I am] getting older. F1 is going so fast that some people forget -- not everyone, but some.

But, when asked what the chances of a return were, he said: "Because I'm very realistic, and I'm keeping my feet on the ground, I'd put it at 80 or 90 percent."

Kubica's injury had previously prevented him from sitting in the cockpit of an open wheel car, but recent surgery has enabled him to bend his right arm inside the car. He conducted the test with a steering wheel designed to help him drive around the limited function of his right hand.

He says his test was not as psychically challenging as he had expected.

"You build up your own question marks, based on how you know yourself and your body, and then if you'd asked me about them after even the first run at Valencia, they were gone, gone, gone, gone. Then it becomes much easier than I thought. This gives you good confidence and puts you in a completely different level - of trying to have a better feeling in the car and better performance.

"Once my comfort, or let's say limitation things, were gone in three laps, I could concentrate on trying to get back to the proper rhythm. I'm surprised how it felt; it felt for me like I hadn't driven for one month, not six years."