FIA president Jean Todt to seek re-election

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Jean Todt has confirmed he will seek a third term as president of motorsport's governing body, the FIA.

Former Ferrari team boss Todt was elected to replace Max Mosley in 2009 and was then re-elected for a second term in 2013. On Friday, the Frenchman announced he will stand for re-election again this year.

In a letter he confirming the news, he wrote: "I am deeply moved by the gracious, generous, unwavering support I have received from our FIA family." Earlier this year Todt had said "a lot of people" who had voted for him previously were putting him under pressure to stand in the upcoming election.

Graham Stoker will remain his deputy President for Sport, with Brian Gibbons becoming the FIA's new President of Senate, while Thierry Willemark will his be team's candidate for Deputy President for Mobility. Todt is the first person to put his name forward for this year's election.