Romain Grosjean, Jolyon Palmer still at odds over Sochi clash

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Jolyon Palmer says Romain Grosjean applied some "strange logic" when apportioning blame for the pair's clash at the first corner of the Russian Grand Prix.

Palmer and Grosjean ended up in the wall after tangling on entry to the right-hander, with the Renault driver appearing to squeeze the Frenchman before contact was made. No further action was taken by the stewards but Grosjean remains convinced Palmer was at fault for leaving him too little room on the inside.

After hearing Grosjean's argument in the stewards room, Palmer remains unconvinced.

"He had some strange logic, but it's OK, it's racing," Palmer said. "I think when you have an incident it's quite often that people don't agree with what happened, for me it was quite clear what happened, especially watching the replay.

"I'm happy that it's a racing incident and I'm happy to accept that it's a racing incident, I can understand from his point of view that he was on the inside, from my point of view I had to turn in because I had a car on the outside, and I think he seems to think something else."

When asked what the "strange logic" had been, Palmer said: "Roughly that some rules apply to him and not for other drivers, that sort of thing."

Haas driver Grosjean admits he was surprised to see Palmer walk away from the incident without a penalty.

"I was expecting maybe him to get something," Grosjean said. "The rules says you need to keep a car width when there's a car next to you."

Grosjean then went on to explain the incident, from his perspective, in more detail, saying Palmer's driving was similar to Nico Rosberg's at the start of last year's Malaysian Grand Prix, when the German was knocked into a spin as the train of cars turned into the opening corner.

"I did the corner very nicely and even got on the orange sausage kerb. Then he spun and that is one thing I wanted them to look at. If there is a car spinning at Turn 1, I know it is not easy but the drivers should almost go on the brakes, a car should go on the brakes. The thing which happened with Jolyon, is that his car spun and he stayed flat out.

"His car came back and that's why we had the big hit. The same thing happened with Rosberg in Malaysia last year when he spun into Turn 1 but was going flat out but you obviously don't want to lose time but when you coming and there's a car is facing you and you don't know the momentum of the car which is facing you makes it a bit more dangerous. I think it's a tricky one because obviously you don't want to lose time when a car is spinning ahead of you. But the on the other hand when you facing an object you know where to go, but when the object is having a move it make it's more tricky."