McLaren unveils own T-wing in Shanghai

McLaren has unveiled its own interpretation of the T-wing concept at the Shanghai International Circuit ahead of this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix.

One of the quirks of the new-for-2017 regulations has been the T-wings seen on the cars above the controversial shark fins, with several teams opting for different designs. Ferrari, Mercedes, Williams and Haas are among the teams to have run this season, with the latter having to remove their design briefly during the Australian Grand Prix for safety reasons.

McLaren's MCL32 is the latest car to have a T-wing fitted, with shots of the concept captured on Thursday and Friday ahead of FP1.

McLaren's design marks a departure from its rivals' concepts, with its own T-wing built as part of the shark fin rather than on a separate assembly. The team is braced for a difficult weekend in China with its uncompetitive Honda engine so the new T-wing will be aimed at maximising downforce for the first two sectors before Shanghai's long, punishing backstraight.