VIDEO: Carlos Sainz reveals 'toughest training' regime for 2017 F1 season

Carlos Sainz has given an insight into the extra training drivers have been doing over the winter to be physically ready for 2017's quicker and more demanding Formula One cars.

This year's rules have been changed to achieve a dramatic drop in lap times, which F1 hopes will be achieved with wider, more-aggressive looking cars which should be quicker through corners. In recent years F1 cars have been labelled too easy to drive by fans and drivers alike, which was one of the key reasons for the regulation shake-up.

That looks set to change this year, and has prompted drivers to change their off-season training regimes ahead of winter testing, which begins in Barcelona on February 27.

"Formula One in 2017 is taking a big change," Sainz said. "It means the drivers need to prepare a bit better and means we need to do a big change in physical preparation because what we had last year will not be enough."

As seen in the video, Sainz has adopted a form of cross-fit to increase his readiness for the upcoming season, while also adding weights to his helmet to prepare for the increase G-forces from the 2017 cars.

What I've included a lot this year in my preparation is cross-fit, which I call 'Formula One cross-fit', working at 180-190 BPM for two hours, doing at the same time weights and cardio. This is probably the toughest training of my career."

Sainz admits the younger drivers on the grid should be better prepared for the increased training workload, though the grid's world champions all experienced the notoriously challenging F1 cars of the late 2000s.

"On the one hand I think that you are at your physical peak at 21-22 and so I think that's an advantage. But, on the other hand, drivers like Hamilton, Alonso or Raikkonen have the advantage that they have experienced similar G-forces during 2005, 2006 or 2007."